Welcome to the world's most dangerous Improv show, where two mighty teams of gladiators will take the stage to prove who is the best of the best.

This is not an exhibition. This is a no-holds-barred competition. The audience determines the winner each week via secret ballot. The winner returns the following week to defend their title against a new challenger.

Thursday's at 10:00 pm
Upright Citizens Brigade Theater
242 E 14th Street
(between 2nd and 3rd Avenues)

Pie Town says, "Bye, Town," as The Lake at Dawn Dawns New Era
June 7, 2024
Beloved indie darlings Pie Town, who three weeks ago ended Slop's marathon 9-win run, had their own run ended by scrappy up-and-comers The Lake at Dawn. Both teams introduced themselves with synchronized statements, which were described as, "like a drunken night at a cabin," by one onlooker and, "like drowning," by another. This madcap energy carried over to both sets, prompting many a delighted giggle and guffaw from the amazed crown. But in the end, The Lake at Dawn prevailed and will return next. Is the beginning of a new multi-show run? Or will Zebra nip this budding dynasty before it blooms? There's only one way to find out! Tickets are on sale now!
Posted by K.I.N.G.
New Champs Pie Town End Slop Streak
May 24, 2024
After nine wins and 225 season total votes, SLOP's seemingly unstoppable run was halted by challengers PIE TOWN. Before a sold out crowd of rowdy onlookers, SLOP held their own with a mighty set, but it was hungry upstarts PIE TOWN who won the day with blistering mix of wit and ribald. What further comedic stylings does PIE TOWN hold for us? Come back next week--same time, same place--to find out! And fret not, SLOP-heads: with 9 wins, SLOP is guaranteed a spot in the championship! Remember fans, this is CAGE MATCH--anything can happen!
Posted by K.I.N.G.
Slop Snags Success as Regular Run Resumes
May 11, 2024
After last week's sold out exhibition match, Cage Match resumed its regular season with yet another sold out show! Returning champs SLOP faced off against scrappy challengers BIRDIE & DUSTY, while another match brewed in the audience between Knicks fans and Celtics fans. Ultimately SLOP defended their title and the audience put aside their basketball-related antagonism to enjoy the show. Also at half-time, a dude in a trench coat told a dude in a bathroom that he slept with everyone's parents. Truly anything can happen at Cage Match!
Posted by K.I.N.G.
And We're Back!
May 6, 2024
Fresh out of a time portal from the year 2121, hosts Fun Boy Randy and Chuck Cuckley have ushered in a new explosive age of Cage Match at UCB's new theater on East 14th Street. Inaugurating the new era, superstar teams THE STEPFATHERS and WHAT I DID FOR LOVE went head to head in the Arena with a jaw-dropping exhibition match and brought not only a supernova of comedy but also what may be the finest pre-fight statements the world has ever seen. When the dust settled, THE STEPFATHERS took the exhibition champion title, but everyone was a winner--especially the sold-out crowd in attendance. Join us next week when our regular season resumes, every Thursday at 10pm. We'll see you in the ring.
Posted by K.I.N.G.
2020 Season Records Update
February 28, 2020
Hello Cage-a-Maniacs! You may have noticed the 2020 season team win/loss records do not appear as properly tallied on the site at the moment. An update to correct the issue is expected soon. Thanks!
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Congratulations to Here & Queer!
January 31, 2020
Congratulations to Here & Queer for winning the 2019 Cage Match Tournament of Champions! Here & Queer outscored The Lawfirm, giving them their first Championship. The team cut down the net in their "One Shining Moment" and enjoyed room temperature Nachos BellGrande® in front of a sold out house of delighted Cage-a-Maniacs. Both teams had great shows and we all set a new attendance record of 18,000. What a night!
Posted by J.B. the Bookie and friends
Historical Tournament Tie and Surprise Instant 5-minute Playoff!
January 10, 2020
Last night's audience full of Cage-a-Maniacs witnessed a historical first Cage Match Tournament of Champions TIE SCORE! Two wonderful 25-minute sets by Rumpleteaser and then by My Momma's Biscuits produced a tie score of 41 to 41. After all present recovered from the shock of the unprecedented moment, both teams happily agreed to perform additional 5-minute sets right then and there, followed by another audience vote. The second vote result was 41 to 34 with My Momma's Biscuits advancing to the Semifinals round. Thanks to the audience for staying a bit longer for the bonus fun, to both teams for the good attitudes and creating four amazing shows, and extra-special thanks to everyone working at UCBT last night for doing all the surprise extra work that made the bonus round go so smoothly.
Posted by J.B. the Bookie and Friends
2019 Tournament of Champions Schedule
December 6, 2019
The official 2019 Cage Match Tournament of Champions schedule is here!

12/12 - The Stepfathers (1) v. The Law Firm (8)
12/19 - Here & Queer (2) v. Branded Silk (7)
12/26 - Non-Tournament Holidays Spectacular Cage Match - Jews v. Christians
1/2 - Airwolf (3) v. The Curfew (6)
1/9 - My Momma's Biscuits (4) v. Rumpleteaser (5)
1/16 - Semifinal: 2/7 v. 3/6
1/23 - Semifinal: 1/8 v. 4/5
1/30 - FINAL

Get your tickets now!
Tix here: https://www.ucbtheatre.com/show/25

And an extra special Cage Match commendation to the wonderful team Just And which is a true 2019 qualifying Champion but is unfortunately unavailable for part of the Tournament. We will all enjoy seeing them up again soon at Cage Match, early in the coming 2020 season!
Posted by J.B. the Bookie and friends
Congratulations to Grandma's Ashes!
January 25, 2019
Congratulations to Grandma's Ashes for winning the 2018 Cage Match Tournament of Champions! Grandma's Ashes outscored The Stepfathers 96 to 62, giving them their first Championship. The team cut down the net in their "One Shining Moment" and enjoyed room temperature Nachos BellGrande in front of a sold out house of delighted Cage-a-Maniacs. Both teams had great shows and we all set a new attendance record of 14,407. What a night!
Posted by JB the Bookie and Chugger Deets
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