Welcome to the world's most dangerous Improv show, where two mighty teams of gladiators will take the stage to prove who is the best of the best.

This is not an exhibition. This is a no-holds-barred competition. The audience determines the winner each week via secret ballot. The winner returns the following week to defend their title against a new challenger.

Thursday's at 11 pm
Upright Citizens Brigade Theater
307 West 26th Street
(between 8th and 9th Avenues)
Make reservations online or call: 212-366-9176
Tickets: $5

2015 Tournament Schedule
November 20, 2015
12/3 - Area 52 (1) vs. Higgins (8)
12/10 - Slamball (2) vs. Rizzo (7)
12/17 - Fuck That Shit (3) vs. What I Did For Love (6)
1/7 - Bucky (4) vs. Women and Men (5)
1/14 - Semifinal: 1/8 vs 4/5
1/21 - Semifinal: 2/7 vs 3/6
1/28 - FINALS
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How CageMatch is Booked
February 1, 2015
CageMatch is booked by Charlie Todd on a month to month basis. All UCB house improv teams are booked as well as regularly occurring house improv shows. Teams that win 3 Indie CageMatches are booked. In the fall at the end of the season, there are usually 2-4 slots open. These slots are generally filled with teams that had good seasons the year prior but were not automatically booked (and are still existing, active teams) or with other active, established teams who people tell Charlie deserve a CageMatch, usually in the backroom of McManus in the fall.
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Congratulations to The Enemy!
January 30, 2015
Congratulations to The Enemy for winning the 2014 tournament! This is the first Harold team to win in over a decade, defeating Grandma's Ashes. The team cut down the net and enjoyed room temperature Nachos Bellgrande in front of a sold out house. Both teams had great shows and we set a new attendance record of 14,403. What a night!
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2014 Tournament Schedule
December 2, 2014
12/4 - Fuck That Shit (1) vs. Rizzo (8)
12/11 - Grandma's Ashes (2) vs. Airwolf (7)
12/18 - Jimmy Fedora (3) vs. Warren (6)
1/8 - The Enemy (4) vs. My Privacy (5)
1/15 - Semifinal: 1/8 vs 4/5
1/22 - Semifinal: 2/7 vs 3/6
1/29 - FINALS
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Congrats to Death By Roo Roo!
January 24, 2014
Congratulations to Death by Roo Roo for winning the 2013 tournament! This is the team's 4th victory. The team cut down the net and enjoyed room temperature Nachos Bellgrande in front of a sold out house. What a night!
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2013 Tournament Schedule
November 4, 2013
12/5 - Scrambled Legs (1) vs. The Law Firm (8)
12/12 - Namaste (2) vs. Fuck That Shit (7)
12/19 - Death by Roo Roo (3) vs. What I Did For Love (6)
12/26 - Jews vs. Christians
1/2 - Grandma’s Ashes (4) vs. The Stepfathers (5)
1/9 - Semifinal: 1/8 vs 4/5
1/16 - Semifinal: 2/7 vs 3/6
1/23 - FINALS
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Congrats to What I Did For Love!
January 26, 2013
What I Did For Love has won the 2012 Tournament of Champions! A packed house of 14,400 CageMatch fans enjoyed a great matchup between WIDFL and Airwolf. UCBW Correspondent Chugger Deets even managed to get an autograph from Abra Tabak! It was a banner night. Congrats to all tournament teams!
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CageMatch 2013 Season Policy Changes
January 19, 2013
There are two policy changes for the new 2013 season.

1. Teams may no longer call a time-out. The "time out" has been used, on average, less than once a year for the past several years. Teams have not consistently taken advantage of the time-out since around 2003. So, while it's a classic CageMatch rule, it is dying due to lack of interest.

2. We are eliminating the pre-show coin toss. The returning champion will go second by default. This is how the show originally worked. I changed the policy in 2005 to try to make the show more competitive and make it more difficult for teams to go on long runs. This didn't work. I think going second is only a very slight advantage and rarely, if ever, affects the outcome. The main reason for changing this policy back is a practical one. It is nice for teams to know in advance if they are going first or second so they can plan accordingly for situations where a teammate is coming from another show, etc. If the champion wants to go first, they may ask the other team if they'd like to switch, and the other team can accept if they choose. Any such switch should be confirmed with the host upon arrival. The call time for CageMatch remains 10:30 PM for both teams.

Thanks and see you at CageMatch!
Posted by Chuck McMahon
2012 Tournament Schedule
October 26, 2012
11/29 - Airwolf (1) vs. Graceland (8)
12/6 - North Coast (4) vs. Fuck that Shit (5)
12/13 - Grandma's Ashes (3) vs. What I did for Love (6)
12/20 - No Show / Theatre Closed
12/27- Jews vs. Christians
1/3 - Good Dad (2) vs. Doppelganger (7)
1/10 - Semifinal: 1/8 vs 4/5
1/17 - Semifinal: 2/7 vs 3/6
1/24 - FINALS
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